December 30, 2016

Dear Frannie Friday--New Years

As tomorrow is New Years Eve, I have given a lot of thought, as everyone has, about the upcoming New Year.  I have grown a solace in the misery is company school of thought that 2016 blew big balls.  Sorry, but for real.  January 2016 started with a raging sickness through my house with my toddler being diagnosed with asthma and he and Conner being diagnosed with H1N1.  Countless annual family activities were cancelled due to snow (in the SPRING) such as the Spina Bifida Walk.  I lost my grandfather unexpectedly in August from a heart attack and my kids lost their aunt in June to breast cancer.  Also, Trump.  It's been a horrifying, terrifying, saddening, depressing and unhealthy year.

I am not one really for resolutions (or at least I've come to the realization not to make them because I never really keep them) and I've never been one for NYE celebrations.  But this year, my brother is in town from the Virgin Islands and I am freaking ready to bid this year adieu, so this year we shall celebrate!

For 2017, I am hoping, of course, for health.  I am hoping to simply be more available for my kids.  I am going to be more present and awake.  I will be grateful for what we have and really utilize all the time with my family that I do have.  I am ready for a change and ready for a new year.

Although I have made one kind of major decision and that is that I am not going to eat any meat in 2017.  This is not a big deal because I have gone the vegetarian route many times and for many years of my life.  But it is just one of those things that I have decided that I am happier and healthier when I don't eat meat, so I am just not going to go there this year.

I wish everyone a very safe, happy, healthy 2017!  May God have mercy on our souls under a Trump rule and may we all spread kindness and love--but take no shit.  Cheers!

Floral Maxi Dress-Shein
Shearling Leather Jacket-thrifted
Boots-Charlotte Russe

December 29, 2016

Thursday Mixer--Red Rain Boots

Welcome, friends, to my one truly functional pair of footwear that I actually wear and love--my red rain boots.  Never in my wildest dreams have I thought I would actually buy and wear goulashes, but thanks to blogs and Pinterest, I have learned that they are actually very cute and they are extremely nice in the slushy snow. 

Although I cheaped out of the actual Hunter boots by buying these lookalikes on Amazon for about $40, I would absolutely say that a good pair of rain boots are worth the splurge.  I've worn these 6 cute blog-worthy ways, but countless other times when I actually needed to wear them for the sake of dry toes.  This makes the price per wear on these boots $6.67!

Top Left to Right- 1, 2, Now
Bottom Left to Right- 1, 2, 3 

Red Rain Boots-Amazon
Skinny Jeans-Kohls
Striped Sweater-thrifted
Fur Vest-Target
Chambray Shirt-thrifted
Bag-Coach, gifted
Diamond Stud Earrings-gifted

December 28, 2016

Wordy Wednesday--Wants

As we wrap up the holiday season and begin to think about everything that we want for the New Year, here are some quotes to ponder when thinking of your New Year hopes and goals . . . 





Grey Skirt-thrifted
White Shirt Dress-Shein
Sweater Vest-thrifted
Boots-Charlotte Russe
Earrings-Forever 21

December 27, 2016

Share the Covers--Closer

I really wasn't a fan of this original song ty the Chainsmokers (probably because it was on 100x a day) . . .

But I was a fan after I heard this cover by Boyce Avenue . . .


Suede Coat-thrifted
Skirt-Vintage Willows
Velvet Booties-Shein
Beanie-Scala, c/o
Earrings-J. Crew, gifted

December 26, 2016

Make it Work Monday #55

First off, I hope that everyone enjoyed a wonderful, blessed Christmas/holiday over the weekend!  I am off of work today (last day of vacation *sobs*), but want to continue the gift of giving by showing you guys one of my favorite blogs ever--Blonde Bedhead with Andrea.   Andrea was one of the girls that I emailed when I first started blogging because I admired her style and blog so much!  And guess what?  She actually wrote me back!  Maybe it's the hair (hello!  Cu-cu-cu-curly!), but I have always felt we would be friends IRL.  I have been an avid follower ever since and her style has not disappointed.  Be sure to check her blog out!

Black Jeans-Kohls
Leather Jacket-Walmart
Nude Heels-Vera Wang
Fur Stole-thrifted

December 23, 2016

Mission #97, Day 5--Fancy

Wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt doesn't need to be boring and sluggish, especially if your sweatpants are sparkly and your sweatshirt is jeweled.  You guys--tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  How the hell is it here already?  I was only able to start my Christmas stuff (shopping, baking, cleaning, decorating, etc.) until this past weekend, but I swear I feel like I missed the whole season.  Although, I would be remiss if I did not express how much I am looking forward to bidding adieu to 2016 next week.

Sweatshirt-Old Navy
Earrings-Charming Charlies
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