April 29, 2011

Black Water

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Day two of the rust. I think that rust gets a bad rep. The word in and of itself seems kinda negative. When you hear "rust", you automatically think old, dingy, used up, nonfunctional. In reality, rust is an amazing color! I know, I know, it is usually reserved for fall, but since our weather can't make up its mind, I reserve the right to wear whatever colors I feel like.

This 70's rust dress was just another fabulous find down at Rockin Robins. I liked the dress on its own, but added the leopard top underneath for a hint of color and pattern. These shoes. are. amazing. When I got these booties, they took some getting used to. But now, I'm a natural in them. And yes, another ring snag. God I love these rings!

You know what can totally make someone's day? A random, nice comment to a complete stranger. I got one today on this outfit. I love when that happens! It really makes a girl feel good to know that someone is paying attention. It doesn't have to be an outfit comment. You can hold the door open the door for someone, smile at them, or just pick a feature and go with it. I told the girl in the office next door the other day that I liked her haircut. I've never talked to this woman before, but I see her everyday. I love making people feel good. It makes me feel good. Try it today!

Sunnies-Elle for Kohl's; Leopard top-unknown; Dress-Vintage from Rockin Robins; Shoes-Charlotte Russe; Bag-Coach, gifted from Andrea; Earrings, Bracelets and Ring-Kohl's

April 28, 2011

Inaudible Memories

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We've all had those days. Days where things are cussed up from the get go. Mine started with a bad dream and escalated rapidly into trying to put on my daughter's tights while on the phone helping Patrick with his laptop while doing my hair. It was all downhill from there. You know, those funky days? Nothing bad happens per se. It's just one little thing after another. This usually starts with being late and/or something malfunctioning (which was my garage door this morning). From this point, it's just a steady heap of cuss. Then, I got off work and heaved that "glad that's over" sigh, went to put on my favorite sunnies and SNAP. Aaaaaaaand we're done.

This is not what I wore today. These are pictures that I had taken before, but wasn't going to use. Why? Because, as you can probably notice, I have this little mom pooch in most of them. I really liked my outfit, but started to get nervous that maybe these weren't "blog ready". After the annoying day that I had, I thought, you know what? I like these pictures. I like this outfit. And that will work for me.

Do you know what I love about having kids though? Even with the hustle at work and traffic issues and running late, by the end of the day, they can always make me smile. At this time, I would like to thank the fabulous Megamind. Not only is it a kid's movie that is enjoyable by all (featuring the voice talent of Will Ferrell- so comedic fun all around), but it has brought to children the gift of AC/DC. My oldest son has taken a liking to Back in Black as of late, which is a big bonus for me because a) they are one of my favorite bands of all time and b) his last song of choice was Eye of the Tiger (karate phase) and the Indiana Jones theme song (self explanatory). My son was dancing and singing the whole way home to AC/DC. It was the best part of my day. The ice cream cones with the kids helped too. ;-) Sometimes it just helps to slow down and take a breather.

So let's, at this time, put away the negative pieces of the pictures, and appreciate the good. Here I go again, with the striped capris. Pinstripes count folks. And (after torturing my feet for several months to break them in) I love these booties. A lot of people have asked me about this knotted hair bun that I do sometimes. I have curly hair and it gets in the way, so sometimes it is easiest to just take care of it. It's easy. Start with a Barret in a half ponytail. Take all the hair and divide it into two braids. Then wrap the braids around the Barret to hide it and use bobby pins. Quick and easy. So, the pics aren't the greatest, and my day was stressful, but when it's all said and done, I made it. My sunnies were resurrected shortly after their snafu by an identical pair that I happened to find (black, not red, but nonetheless). The broken ones are resting in a shallow grave in the backyard. Service information pending.

Rust top-Elle for Kohl's; Pinstripe capris-Star City; Sunnies (RIP)-Elle for Kohl's; Bag-Coach, gifted by Andrea!; Bangles cuff-Kohl's; Earrings-gifted; Necklace-Wal-Mart; Booties-Apt. 9; Jacket-Levi's (oooooooooold)

April 27, 2011

Pretty Woman

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Ok, this post is not as egotistical as it seems. I promise. But this outfit reminded me of/made me feel just like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. You know, minus the prostitute part. It reminded me of the part where she goes to the derby and she has that fantastic hat. I. Love. That. Movie. "This ain't a buffet, Kit." Another side note about the song (ha, get it? note and song? well I thought it was cute) is that, have you ever noticed that when this song comes on, no matter who you are, who you are with, how old you are or what music you listen to, no matter whether you can only whistle the tune or know the words by heart, everyone always remembers/at the very least mumbles to the part that of the song that goes "MERCY!". Lol. Nothing like starting off with senseless comical banter.

I'm a cheater. I admit it. This is actually what I wore for Easter Sunday. For several weeks now I have been on a stripe-ed binge. Give 'em to me horizontally, vertically, diagonal or otherwise. Wide or skinny, one color or several, any way you slice it, I'm loving stripes.

When I saw this 70's navy and cream, cap sleeved, cowl necked dress on Robin's (my favorite consignment store owner) website, I called her immediately and asked her to hold it for me. It was one of those purchases that I felt I didn't even need to try on. It was love at first sight.

These gloves are amazing as well. The crochet is amazing and feels so old worldly. They have a small pearl fastening on the inside cuffs. They were one of those buys where I knew I wouldn't pull them out except for special, rare occasions. You can almost feel, smell and sense the history of them. The seem so fragile, yet have withstood so much wear. I wonder what other special occasions these gloves have been invited to?

Hat-Wal-Mart; Sunnies-Elle for Kohl's; Dress and crochet gloves-vintage from Rockin Robins; Shoes-To the Max for Wal-Mart; Bag-Kohl's; Earrings and watch-gifted

April 26, 2011

Soul to Squeeze

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The one great thing about Colorado is that you never know what to expect. Here, I am talking about the one thing that I hate small talking with people about. The one go-to ice breaker. The weather. Today, I saw bouts of rain, hail, snowish hale, haleish rain and sunny skies all in an 8 hour work day. Hence the reason for the jacket (and no jacket).

Have I yet mentioned how much I love hand-me-downs from my mom's co-workers? I have? Well, that's alright. I'll say it again. I love hand-me-downs from my mom's co-workers. One girl's trash is another girl's treasure, right? Being the oldest sibling in my family I think made me appreciate hand-me-downs more. I never got them as a kid.

Take these fantastic, springy striped numbers. The fabulous Andrea gave them to my mom because they reminded her of pajamas. Oh contraire mon ami. I love these capris! They are so bright and comfy! And this Coach crossbody bag is one of my faves. I feel like a sophisticated Yale student wearing it, on her way to legal ethics. And it fits everything so nicely inside of it.

And I love this top that my sister gave me yeeeeeears back. I don't know how well you can tell from the pictures, but it has this attached little scarf/bowtie thing hanging from the collar. I don't ever know what to do with it (tie it to the side? make it into a bowtie?) so I usually just let it hang there. But, I'm sure I will have plenty of opportunities to figure it out. Any suggestions would be helpful. And if you suggestion is a bowtie, please provide instructions on how to tie a bowtie.

One of the favorite pieces that I am wearing today, I have to admit, was not a hand-me-down. I fell in love with this ring the minute I saw it in a little shop downtown. The shop makes all kinds of these cute little rings. You'll see me sport them quite often. I have a confession to make, however. While I like funky little rings and love to show them off to whoever is willing to take a gander, I am not a nail girl. So my apologies for their haggard appearance. Eh, life is a take and give.

Jacket-Wal-Mart; Black tank top-New York & Company, gifted from my sister; White belt-Kohl's; Capris-Ann Taylor, gifted from my mom's co-worker; Silver pumps-Donna Lawrence for Shoe Carnival; Bag-Coach, gifted from my mom's co-worker; Earrings-Wal-Mart; Bracelet-Kohl's; Ring-Downtown Longmont store (?)

April 25, 2011

Drift Away

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Wanna hear a cool story about how these little sailor pant beauties once made my day? The day started with a random Google search of cute shops in the area that I haven't been to yet. I stumbled on Rockin' Robin's Consignment. Naturally, being named Robin, my interest was peaked. I looked into the website. For the record, this is the best website for a consignment store I have ever encountered. She takes pics of all her new clothes every Wednesday and sends out an email with a newsletter. I spotted these fantastic, new with tags vintage sailor pants modeled by none other than the fabulous owner (Robin). I stopped by after work to not only find them still there, but in my size. SCORE!!!! Well, during my checkout, I got to talking to Robin. She is fantastic! We really hit it off. She suggested that I sign up for the newsletter with my email address. I told her I would. A couple days later, I signed up. The next day I got my first newsletter in my email. The newsletter said that the website had gotten their 1,000th member and that member had won a $50 gift certificate. Guess who the winner was baby? Oh, yeah! I only have the pants to thank. It was fashion fate.

Red bandana-unknown; Sunnies-Elle from Kohl's; Black tanktop-gifted; Black cropped moto jacket-Miley Cyrus from Wal-Mart; Sailor pants-vintage from Rockin Robins; Heels-Candies; Bag-Kohl's; Watch, necklace and earrings-gifted

April 24, 2011

Danke Schoen

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This Easter morning, I am having a lot of mixed feelings. Without diving into personal details, it's been one of the roughest weeks ever. The loss that I have experienced is very emotionally draining.

Sunnies-Impulse buy at gas station; Earrings and necklace-gifted; Dress-vintage 70's dress from Rockin Robins; Belt-from another shirt from Elle from Kohl's; Shoes-Payless; Silver clutch-gifted

But the bright side of being down is you can start to see how much you have to be grateful for in life. I am so thankful for a job and bosses that are compassionate. I am so thankful for a boyfriend who is helpful, thoughtful and supportive. I am lucky to have an amazing family who love and support each other. In the face of loss, I feel so extremely appreciative of all the memories and moments that I have had with every special person in my life.

So don't let this holiday go by without remembering what it is you are thankful for and be grateful for what you have. Don't dwell on what you don't have. Take pictures. Sing songs. Dance. Tell stories. Listen. And never let a moment go by without embracing the gracious wonder that is this crazy ride called life.

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