April 2, 2013

Mission #5, Day 2 and HAPPY BIRTHDAY CONNER!

Yes, we are still celebrating Mission Week, the polka dot edition, but more importantly:

Today is my younger son, Conner's birthday.  He turned 8 at 4:02 this morning on 4/2!  He was literally born with efficiency.

So, I used to hate the month of April.  I loooooathed the month of April.  For many stupid reasons.  For one, I've never met an April that I liked.  In fact, my first ex cheated on me with an Apryl who threatened to kick my ass.  Another April threatened to kick my ass in high school.  Also, I always had bad luck in April.  Cars would break down, emergencies would come up, people would die.  It was bad.

So when I found out that Conner was due in the beginning of April, I was kinda bummed out.  April Fool's Day was also annoying for me.  I am the most gullible person on the planet and I've been dooped on AFD multiple times.  Thus, everyone kept giving me shit that I would go into labor on April Fool's Day. 

Nonetheless, as any mother knows, you can't plan that shit.  Even though he gave a valiant effort to please my desire to not go into labor on AFD, at 11:30 that night, it was on.  Five hours later, Conner Thomas had entered the world.

Not only did he make me change my negativity on April, but he has brightened my life in every way.  At eight years old, he does sixth grade math.  Like long division.  In his head.  He has the sweetest little heart.  He is the most observant child in the world.  If you tell him something, he will absolutely remember it word for word years later.  He is nothing short of amazing.  I hope he is having the best birthday ever.  I love you Conner!

 Black Polka Dot Maxi Skirt-thrifted; Black Sweater-Kohl's; Leather Jacket-Wal-Mart; Gold Sequin Smoking Slippers-Target; Earrings-gifted

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