April 20, 2013

Aprilextravaganza Take One

April is a busy birthday month for us because my younger son and daughter both have birthdays two weeks apart in April, so we get both their birthday parties done in one weekend.  Today was Conner's and tomorrow is Brielle's.

Don't worry.  It didn't snow today.  These were from last week's blizzard.  You can tell by the annoyed look on my face.  The sun has been shining for three days now and thankfully melted all 10 inches of snow off the ground like it was never here.  Which was perfect because both of the kids have bouncy houses delivered here for their parties.

I tell ya, I wish I had a bouncy house permanently installed in our backyard.  Not only did Conner have friends come to the party, but their siblings (some of whom were younger sisters and invited to attend Brielle's party tomorrow as well) and our families of course.  So we probably had a dozen kids here as well as a dozen adults. 

It could not have been better executed though.  The perfect amount of adult to kid ratio, plenty of help setting up and cleaning up, the kids were perfectly content between toys and bouncy houses and trampoline and food.  I made a DIY fruit pizza station that was a hit! 

And tomorrow we will do it again.  It's a hectic weekend.  It's exhausting and you clean the same thing 100 times, but it is so much fun.  I love the kids being able to be kids and spending time with my family.  Looking forward to tomorrow!  (But not so much Monday.)

Purple Skinny Jeans-Hot Kiss, thrifted and gifted; Light Purple Striped Oxford Shirt-Ralph Lauren, thrifted; Navy Polka Dot Sweater-Old Navy; Studded Moto Boots-Forever 21; Earrings-gifted

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