April 24, 2013

Giving Credit

These photos were taken a few weeks back--between snows.  We haven't gotten rid of all our snow, but we're getting closer.  I took these photos at The Callahan House, where Patrick and I got married last September.

I love going here to take my photos.  It is so nostalgic and takes me right back to the day I married my best friend.  I remember how amazing I felt that day, how much fun it was, when I saw Patrick pull up with Kaden and Conner and feeling such pride in watching it all come together. 

Patrick and I are a really fun couple (if I do say so myself).  We don't get all mushy, but we really show our appreciation for each other all the time.  I can't tell you how much better he has made my life and the kids' lives since he was a part of it.  

Often times, these acts of thoughtfulness make it on the blog.  Sometimes they don't.  For example, Patrick does the dishes every single night.  On the 8th of every month, he has flowers delivered to me or brings them home with him (we were married on September 8th).  He is adopting my oldest son (more on that later).  

He doesn't leave the house or hang up the phone without saying I love you.  He tells me I'm beautiful every day.  He is a great listener, he gets my jokes and he is as quick witted as I am.  He respects his mother and sister and teaches my boys to do the same. 

Even though I know I mention Patrick frequently in my posts, I just can't say enough great things about him.  Sometimes I think that people just think I'm sugar coating or even making up how great our relationship is, but it is every bit of that and more.  I am so very lucky to have him.

*As I type this Patrick is cleaning and organizing our bedroom and making a special corner for me to have a dress up area in.  This shit is legit. 

Orange Sequined Tank Dress-c/o Goodwill clothing swap; Button Down Chambray-Lee; Gold Skinny Belt-thrifted; Gold Sequined Smoking Slippers-Target; Straw Woven Tote-thrifted; Earrings-gifted

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