April 5, 2013

Mission #5, Day 5

It's the last day of Mission Week and we are celebrating polka dots.  So I pulled out my polka dot skinny jeans and paired them with a newly thrifted yellow blouse.

So, it's Friday.  Thank the LORT.  For one, work has been a straight pain in my ass in so many ways.  I am totally ready for a few days away.

For two, we are now even closer to when I get to see my kids.  They have been at their dad's house for a week now on spring break and I have missed them like crazy.

Also, with the purchase of the new juicer, we have been some juicin' fools up in here and they are so good and delicious, but also give you tons of energy.  And we've been trying majority of them at night.  And then staying up extra late.  And I've been barely dragging my sorry butt outta bed on time.

So a couple of mornings sans alarm clock sound pretty stellar from my perspective.  Although poor Patrick has drill this weekend so no sleeping in for him.  In fact, he has to get up even earlier than normal to go down to the base.

Plus side of that, though, is that he is almost done with drills.  After 11 years in the service, he has his last bits of drill this month and then he is done.  Forever.  And for that I am totally grateful.

Polka Dot Skinny Jeans-Wal-Mart; Yellow Blouse-thrifted; Yellow Cloche Hat-Target; Gold Sequined Smoking Slippers-Target; Earrings-vintage from Grandma

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