April 29, 2013

Mission #7, Day 1

We are going to start off Mission Week with florals with this very pretty little number that I thrifted on Saturday.  I wore this last night to a very dear friend's wedding.

Chris and Dylan have been very good friends of mine since my sophomore year of high school.  Dylan got married in 2007, me in 2012 and Chris was the last to board the nuptial train this week.  The couple got the legal stuff out of the way and opted for just a fun reception instead of a wedding wedding.

These are some of the best weddings to attend.  They are all fun--just food, friends, drinks and informal fun. I don't often get time to visit with Dylan, his beautiful and fun wife Rachel, Chris and his new bride Vauna.  So any possible time to get together, joke around and reminisce is fun.

We met in high school while working at Subway.  Chris and Dylan had been best friends for several years before I met them.  They were a year older than I and went to different high school (in fact, they graduated with Patrick) and yet we managed to hang out nearly every night throughout the entirety of my high school career.

We were an odd trio, that's for sure.  Dylan and Chris were in band, church youth groups and knew all about computers.  They had good grades and clean records.  I, on the other hand, was the bad apple of the crew.  I was a skater/punk rocker/goth who smoked Marlboros, pierced my tongue and snuck out at night.  But we maintained our friendship then as well as now.  Congrats Chris and Vauna!

Watercolor Floral Dress-thrifted; Mustard Belted Cardigan-thrifted; Orange Suede Cutout Sandals-Payless; Earrings-gifted

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