April 6, 2013


This past few weeks have brought about quite a few little firsts for me.  And because it's Saturday and that calls for relaxation, reflection and low key thinking, let's look back shall we?

I think I finally got it.  I think I'm finally getting used to my new camera.  The past few amounts of photos I've taken I've actually used Manual Mode.  For the first time.  #stoked 

I finally had my first successful mission twofold.  First I finally found a natural grocer in Longmont.  And it is about three minutes from my house.  #duh  And I had my first successful hunt for brown rice syrup.  It is for my first attempt of making Kung Pao Tofu

Patrick won an iPhone at work so he was going to give it to me since he already has one.  So I was going to have my first iPhone.  But it was defective (of course).  But I had already set up the SIM card with my cell phone company.  So for the first time in forever I was sans phone for, like, half a day.  And for the first time, I was totally ok with it.  I was totally fine with unplugging for a while.  #spoiledrottentypicalAmerica

These overalls were totally appropriate for me today because I was a total typical homemaker, for the first time since Christmas.  Today, not only did I juice it up, but I made Strawberry Chia Spread for Patrick's mom for the first time. As I've said on here before, my MIL has MS.  Through our recent obsession fascination with health and food, we've learned that chia seeds can be really beneficial for Multiple Sclerosis. I plan on learning a buttload of these recipes to make for her.  #naturalhealingrocks

I also got to bring my In This Moment concert tee for the first time since we went to the concert last week.  Unfortunately, they were out of women's tees, but they did have a small men's available in the album graphic.  So I took it.  Fortunately, it doesn't fit too baggy.  But . . . it is a tee with a bunch of naked chicks.  But they are wearing masks.  #keepitclassy

I've also gotten to incorporate more hashtags in one post than I ever had in my life for the first time.  #idontreallyevenknowhowtodothis #amiusingthisproperly? 

Skinny Overalls-eBay; In This Moment tee-from concert; Black Booties-Old Navy; Bracelets-vintage from Grandma, gifted and Kohl's; Earrings-gifted; Sequined Beanie-vintage

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