April 10, 2013

Dressing for You

100% credit for this outfit goes to my sister.  She was over a few weeks ago and asked me if she could pick out an outfit to wear on my blog.  Of course, I say.  But once she reached for these culottes, I got a little nervous.

When I first thrifted these babies, I was super stoked.  I wore them all the time.  I loved the color, the length, the fact that they looked like a skirt but had the comfort of pants.  Everything.  But the last time that I wore them on the blog, I caught some grief.  Someone commented (very graciously, not in a mean way) that they made me look shorter and wider. 

And even though the person was nice about it, it stopped me from wearing them for a minute.  But this outfit was so cute and I had promised my sister.  She even lent me this sparkly little tank to go with it (which I doubt seriously she will ever get back.  Sorry Sammie).

And she gave me these boots that she had taken from her thrift store way back when.  Even though they are a little big, I loved them just the same.  So, I knew I was doin' this.  And you know what?  I loved this outfit. Truly.  The more the day went on, the more I loved it.

I recently saw on T.J. Maxx's Facebook page a statistic that 88% of women dress for themselves and I think that is true.  And it should be.  If you love something, wear it.  Don't worry about trends or seasons or how others perceive it on you.  Do ya damn thang.   

Camel Culottes-thrifted; Lace Blouse-thrifted and gifted; Sequin Hot Pink Tank-on loan from my sister; Cognac Knee Length Boots-gifted from my sister; Necklace-vintage from Grandma

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