April 7, 2013

"I'm Boooooooored"

"I'm booooooored," says my 12 year old last night.  "There's nothing to doooooooooo."  This statement brings absolutely zero sympathy from me, you should understand.  And the premise for this whining was because Patrick and I were using the Playstation 3 for our usual Netflix documentary and Scrabble-fest and he wanted to play a game on it.

Now keep in mind that I am 31 years old.  That means I grew up with none of the "things to do" my kids have.  We didn't have cable tv until I was in middle school.  We didn't have a home phone, let alone cell phones, until I was in 3rd grade.  There was Nintendo, but that was the extent of our "gaming".  No home computer.  No internet.  We played outside or with toys.  Period. 

My boys each have a cell phone.  We have two tvs, both with cable and Netflix.  We have two family computers, both with internet (though parent protected).  We have a Wii, a PS2 and a PS3 and Conner has a DS.  We have DVD players, an iPad and laptops.  Not to mention the overflow of toys that encompass each of my kids' rooms.  And Playdough, arts and crafts and lots of fun stuff for baking.

So my kids are not allowed to be bored.  Ever.  The very notion that they could possibly be bored is completely insane.  And, Kaden had a friend stay the night last night.  

So after he tired of my "how we used to amuse ourselves in the olden days" speech and endless ideas for things he and his friend could do that didn't involve the PS3, he buckled.  He and his friend spent the night with the classics--Battleship and chess. 

Take it away Louis CK . . .

Red Crocheted Duster-Free People, thrifted; Camel Leather Suede Pants-Moda International, thrifted; Red and White Gingham Button Down-thrifted; Polka Dot Flats-Target

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