June 23, 2011

I Run To You

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Not much to say today.  Oh, except that I want to go all sixth grade crush on you and gush over how amazing my mans is.

He is there to listen, to help problem solve, to encourage, to mourn with, to bitch with, to cuddle with and for a shoulder to lean on.  

He really respects and appreciates me.  When I bleed, he bleeds.  It's really nothing that I have ever experienced and just like Mickey D's--I'm lovin it.

Note to self (and other Coloradoans), apparently fishing is really big here.  I took these shots at Cattail Pond in Longmont.  It was a beautiful evening for a stroll around.  And apparently everyone else agreed cause peeps were coming out of bushes, literally, as soon as I pulled out the ole 'pod.  But, I was erring on the side of "yeah, I'm taking my freaking picture, move on" rather than "um, I'm just doing a project on wild geese . . ."

And now my best attempt at the adorable A Reason To Be Fabulous pose . . . 



  1. Thanks! this is such a pretty location for photos!

  2. Your welcome and thank YOU also! It was pretty peaceful for the most part!

  3. what a great summer dress! obviously not the correct attire for doing a project on wild geese....much too fashionable!

    dash dot dotty

  4. LOL Thank you Dottie! I thought not . . . Goose poo didn't match my shoes . . .

  5. Stephanie BittnerJune 23, 2011 at 7:25 PM

    Love the belt! Great blog!

  6. Awesome location for pictures. That dress is perfect for a summer sunset on the lake. Your comments about your husband are sooo sweet.

  7. Thank you Stephanie! I really appreciate you stopping in!

  8. Thank you Megan! He is the best thing ever! Though, he is not my husband. For now anyway, he's just my man. ;-)

  9. Apologies, your significant other. ;]

  10. LOL no worries. We'll see what happens . . .


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