June 17, 2011

The Day it Was All WORTH IT!!!! Bloggers Do It Better and More . . .

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Ok, so first and foremost today was my second edition of the Bloggers Do It Better challenge.  This month the theme is Neon and Neutral.  Now, I have to admit, I kind of cheated with this dress because it comes neutral and neon together (*spoiler alert* it's sewn together like this), but because I couldn't wear this spicy little number to le office (obvs), I had to change when I got home and am currently racing the clock to get it in!  I do not wear this dress often.  No.  Not confident enough in it.  I've thought about giving it away, but I just can't part with it.  It would make a decent top.  Just need to figure out that confangled sewing machine . . .


This is what I actually wore for work.  I have to tell you guys (and I was telling Pat tonight) that taking a ten minute break between work and home duties to stop at some random place to take my outfit photos is a complete stress reliever for me.  It really helps to break up the day.  Even though it's summer, I am constantly on the run these days with work and tutoring and baseball practices and games and birthday parties and  . . . .

Today's location is just off of the highway I take to get home from work.  Strange, I know, but I have this fascination with railroad tracks and pictures and every time I drive by these tracks, I just get inspired.  Well, this seemed like such a fantastical idea at first . . . .

But let me tell you, this was some rough terrain up in her.  These sandals certainly got their workout and I may or may not have put my safety in danger on occasion to try to get a shot or two . . .

First of all, I had to climb a giant hill of gravel, through 2 feet of shrub (probably snake infested) to finally get my railroad track shot.  But, totally worth it.

If this looks like a recipe for disaster, you would be correct.  In order to get this, I had to climb (climb) up this wall and run to the spot in front of my tripod by the time my 10 second timer went off.  Again, worth it.

Funny story for you. As I am doing this little self photo shoot (next to a highway, remember?), carrying my fully assembled tripod down the bike path, I hear a guy yell out "Carrie!" Now, at first I think to myself, if this was any other name,  the proceeding thought would have never come to mind, and I would have just thought they thought I was someone else (Sara! Amber! Tiffany!), but my first thought was ":-D SATC reference!" . . . . Then I remember this came from a man out of a diesel truck. Denied. He won't know who the eff Carrie Bradshaw is! Oh well, I prefer the first analogy. Again, worth it. It's all about perspective.

These sandals brought to you by suggestion of the bestie.  Matty, this is why I keep you around.  They started my sandal heel obsession yeeeeears ago.  Worth it.

This sweater shawl is not for everyone.  I love it!  It is the perfect little wrap around.  I couldn't believe when I saw it all by its lonesome on the clearance rack! Worth it.

Worth it!!!!!

Top-New York & Co., gifted
Dress (worn as skirt)-gifted and unknown

Not gonna lie--it has been a really tough week.  Stressful, busy and just altogether bleeeeck.  Tonight, though, Pat and I got to have a date and it was amazing.  We went out on his bike for the first time ever (well, my first time ever).  I LOVED IT!!!!!  Then we went to the restaurant where we had our first date and the pool hall (also where we had our first date) to shoot some pool and listen to at-first-cool-then-totally-sucky music.  We laughed and had an amazing time.  I tell you guys, he is seriously the best man in the entire world.  He makes me laugh every single day and I love him so much.  He has been totally worth the wait.  TOTALLY WORTH IT.

And yes, if you are keeping count that's three, count 'em three outfits today.  Damn, I'm good.  Worth it.

Bloggers Do It Better


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! Great BDIB look! Love the colors!


  2. I love that you went on an adventure to take all of your photos! You are totally right, it was worth it. I agree with you, that guy was totally calling you Carrie Bradshaw. Also, loving the hot mama biker babe thing you and your honey have going on. I have been addicted to Sons of Anarchy lately and all I want to do is ride a bike. So jealous!




  3. Love the black top and red skirt... and those sunglasses just make the entire outfit so glamorous!

  4. never would have guessed that gray/pink dress was sewn together!! I think it provides a lot of coverage and I'd definitely wear that in the office!
    Like your pictures in the railroad...really worth it!

  5. Great photos! I especially love the sweater shawl and that skirt!

  6. LOL Thanks girl! You know that I just read your comment aloud to Pat and was instructed to start watching Sons of Anarchy post haste. Looks like we will soon have one more thing in common . . . . Smooches!

  7. Thank you Vanessa. The sunglasses serve two purposes-one is glamour and two is to hide my tiiiiiired eyes.

  8. Thank you Anna! Darnit, I shouldn't have said anything! I will def try the railroad again! I appreciate you stopping by!


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