June 10, 2011

Friday Freedom and Floral Bliss

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Is there any better feeling than driving away from work on a Friday afternoon in the summer? I mean really. Windows down, sun beaming in, music blaring . . . A feeling of freedom when you know that the weekend is just beginning and Monday seems so far off. I usually listen to rock music, but on Friday afternoons, I'll throw in some pop and hip hop because I just feel like dancing!

I've got a very packed full weekend ahead. Tomorrow morning, Kaden has a baseball game, I've got to pick up Conner's new glasses and I have made it my goal for a month now to make it over to the Paris Street Market that is coming to Boulder. I've been so excited for this event, you have no idea. Then on Sunday, we are making the trek up to Wheatland, Wyoming to visit my Grandpa for his birthday.

I hope everyone enjoys your weekend! Whether you plan on hanging by a pool, working on the yard, gathering with friends or just laying around. Take in all the glory that is a summer weekend!

Bag-Bebe, gifted
Watch and Earrings-gifted


  1. I am not a great fan of skirts, but youve changed my thoughts! It looks great on you and I love as you have styled it!Happy weekend!

  2. That skirt is super cute!
    Weekends always go by waaay too fast...so I definitely try to enjoy them :)

  3. Oh wow! Thanks Federica for the compliment. I would die without skirts ;-) Well, not really, but it wouldn't be nearly as fun!

  4. Thanks Lilly! I have tried to enjoy mine as well! I would def be a fan of more weekend time, that's for sure!

  5. you look stunning! :D Thanks for adding me to your blog roll!


  6. Thank you so much and you are very welcome. You have a terrific blog and I am all about spreading the love around. ;-)


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