June 23, 2011

Great Lengths

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I'm a get 'er done kinda chica.  So now that I have fully mastered the IDGAS mentality of taking self portraits out in public (well, almost), it got me thinking . . . I need something new . . .   I tried all the standard poses . . .

 The "oh, I didn't realize you were sneaking up behind me whilst I was lost in sovereignty" pose . . .

The "I don't need no stinking wind to make my skirt twirl around" pose . . .

And even the "look at this cool piece of something that I can pose in front of and just look like an excited exchange student or tourist of a small suburb when I stand in front of it" pose.  But it wasn't enough . . .

And that's when I randomly decided that I would show my dedication to my blog and my readers by standing on random ish around this random park.  Like a park bench . . .

And a big rock in this randomly placed big rock garden that looks like someone was attempting to recreate the Stone Henge right here in Longmont, Coloradie . . .

And a ginormous piece of driftwood (which my heel got stuck in in this exact shot).

Oh, yes my lovely little readers.  My love for you knows no bounds.  I am willing to get real risky.  You can thank me later.  ;-) 

Red Sheer Cutout Top-Oboe, thrifted
Black Beaded Lace Tank-gifted
A-Line Skirt-Wal-Mart


  1. The sleeves on that top are great!
    Live Life in Style

  2. Thank you! They are my favorite part!

  3. what a pretty blouse and a perfect belt :)

    enter my giveaway for a fabulous bow skirt

  4. Great details on your sweater!Love it!Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. love the open sleeves:) gogroeus look!

    Farah from FashionFabrice

  6. Thank you as always Federica and you are welcome! I am sure you can make a beautiful top even better than this one. ;-)

  7. I really appreciate that! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. love the cut out top...and really getting heel stuck in anything is dangerous...i have had very bad mishap once due to it...so will say this, you are realy brave to pose in the pic!!

  9. Thank you so much! It was challenging, but nothing I haven't done before (re getting my heels caught in random places, like a heating vent . . .)

  10. Oh love! The cut outs in the top are so cool!

  11. Why thank you Jessica! They were the sole decision maker that sold me on the top!

  12. Gorgeous top! I thrifted a similar one in blue not to long ago and I can't wait to wear it. Such adventurous posing and locations. It looks like it was fun. My favorite is the rock photo.

  13. Thank you! Ooooooh I can't wait to see your blue one!


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