May 21, 2015

Thursday Mixer--Vintage Leather Dress/Vest

This.  Leather.  Dress.  Er, vest.  Er, here as a skirt.  Er, whatever.  Whatever it is, it almost didn't happen to end up in my closet.  I found it with this striped dress  as a vest.  I loved the dress.  I wanted it bad.  But it came as a set.  And it was $48.  I didn't necessarily love the leather vest, but I loved the dress and so I decided to just get it.  "I'm sure I'll find a way to wear this vest somehow . . ." I hoped.

Well here we are four or so years later and I have hardly worn that dress, but I have worn this dress/vest 8 documented times.  Admittedly, I could wear it more but because it is soooo vintage, I always get freaked out about it getting ruined.  As you can see, I have worn it as a vest, a dress and a skirt.  So it is super versatile and I just love this . . . thing . . . to pieces.  Current price per wear: $6.  And remember, I got two pieces of clothes for the $48.  So it could be argued that the price per wear is actually $3.  Either way, not bad at all.

Top Left to Right- 1, 2, Now, 4
Bottom Left to Right- 1, 2, 3, 4 

Today is my kids' last day of school.  I always have very mixed emotions about this because in the summer time, my ex and I's parenting time gets switched.  So where I got the kids every weekday and he got them most weekends, now I get them most weekends and he gets them during the week.

Obviously, I miss my kids when they are not with me.  I miss seeing them everyday.  I miss having dinner with them.  I miss hearing about their days.  I miss watching them play.  And that part of summer vacation really sucks for me.

BUT.  Freedom.  No more waiting in that God awful pick up and drop off line at the school.  No more packing lunches.  No more help with homework.  No more Tuesday folders.  No more last minute field trip money.  No more nagging them about chores.

Not to mention, when I have my kids during the summer time, we get to have FUN time.  I get them on the weekends.  It's all parties and parks and bike rides and watermelons and swimming and BBQs.  So I get less time with them.  But I get more quality time with them.  And that sounds amazing.

Leather Dress (worn as a skirt)-vintage
Dark Wash Chambray Button Down Shirt-unknown
Quilted Leather Flats-Target 
Necklace-Charming Charlie's
Watch-vintage from Grandma

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