March 5, 2012

Spring? Is That You?


Ok, I haven't wanted to really say anything about it, but Colorado has been effing gorgeous lately.  Today we were in the 60's.  THE 60'S!!!!!  This is no coat weather.  This is eating your lunch outside weather.  This is birds chirping, lawns being mowed, windows down in the car weather.  

Personally, I count March 1 as spring.  This is mainly because I am in denial that we are not done with winter in Colorado until April . . . ish.  In fact, did you know that Colorado's snowiest month is March?  It's true.  We get some mass blizzards in March.  The saying is, though that if March starts like a lamb (mild, gorgeous weather like this), it will end like a lion (blizzards, wetness, cold, slush, nasty).  

So for as long as I am going to be able to get away with it, I am going to sport bare legs, no coat and even go sleeveless.  Oh no she ditn't!  Oh yes, yes she did.  

Tomorrow is supposed to be even nicer and I couldn't be more excited.  Speaking of excited, some of my favorite times during the week is when the kids go to bed, Pat and I sit on the couch and zone out to some Colbert Report.  This guy is freaking hilarious.

And speaking of hilarious and Colbert Report, I saw a freaking awesome bumper sticker the other day and perfectly describes me: "I get my comedy from Fox News and I get my news from Comedy Central."  So true.  So funny.   

 The beginning of spring is my absolute favorite time of the year (though summer is my favorite actual season--weird?).  Why?  Because it is a glimmer of hope.  Yes, the wait will not be long until you can be wadding in a river or eating ice cream outside in shorts at 8:30 at night or flipping through a magazine and sipping on sweet ice tea. We are phasing out of boots and heating up your car or scraping windows or wet pant legs.   

So for the time I have it, I am going to enjoy my little lamb of a March while I can with Stephen Colbert and funny bumper stickers and open car windows and bare legs and ice cream sandwiches (too soon for ice cream sandwiches? I think not.) 

Leather Vest-vintage; Black Shift dress with Pockets-Alfani; Watercolor Swimsuit Cover worn as a Scarf-gifted by Mom; Knotted Cognac Booties-Charlotte Russe; Necklace-vintage from Grandma; Earrings-DIY and gifted; Gold Bangles-gifted


  1. I totally eat ice-cream sandwiches year round haha! Totally in love with your vest and how you styled it great jewelry in this post =D


  2. Great outfit. Love the vest and the shoes!

    Spring is here isn't it. So excited.


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