May 29, 2015

Mission $58, Day 5

What better way to end Mission Week with little white dresses than with the very first dress I wore as a wife?  This dress was for my wedding reception.  I fell in love with it immediately upon seeing it at Dillard's long ago in my wedding planning days.  It fit like a glove, the cut and ruffles were PERFECT.  But the price tag of $150 wasn't perfect.  It was in the clearance rack, but there wasn't a clearance price tag on it and when I double checked with the clerk, she informed me that it sadly was not on sale or clearance.  I left it but luckily, about half an hour later the clerk found me in the store to let me know that she just found out that this dress was actually on SUPER clearance for $15!!!  And so fate led me to this dress.

And it would be appropriate that on this day, in this dress, I lost a bet to Patrick.  A few weeks back at the Muckfest for MS, Patrick had given me his wedding ring to hang on to and he was without it for a few days.  He came home one day to tell me that he needed it back because some girl at Taco Bell was flirting with him.

I started teasing him about it because he talked about it in front of me to other people like four times.  I joked that I felt like an awful wife that did not flirt with him enough.  He told me that it was crazy to him because when he has his ring on he never gets hit on.  And I told him that I never get hit on.  And he told me that I get hit on all the time--I just don't realize it.

Well whatever, I thought.  But a few days later, I went to this very park to take these very pictures.  As per usual, the park was packed.  This time, it was packed with a bunch of guys who were playing soccer in a field on the other side of these gorgeous bushes.  No matter, I thought, they won't see me and I won't see them and it won't get awkward.

Well, it kinda got awkward.  After a bit, one of the guys came over to me with his dog.  He told me that his dog was scared of my "pretty, flowy dress" and he asked me to give the dog a treat to calm him down (which, by the way, the dog was calm already).  I love dogs though so I gave the dog a treat, petted him for a bit and then went on my way.

And then I told Patrick about this very interesting interaction.  And he laughed and told me that it was the most interesting pick up line he had ever heard.  And then he won, I guess.  But whatever.  I got to pet a dog and wear a pretty dress.  So who really won?

Military Jacket-Lucky Brand, thrifted
Cognac OTK Boots-Charlotte Russe
Wide Cognac Belt-gifted
Earrings and Cuff-Kohls

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