May 11, 2015

Mission #57, Day 1--Boho/Festival Chic

Everyone sick when you hear the words "festival chic" yet?  Good.  Me too.  But I am inspired by them still nonetheless and since the now highly overrated (IMHO) Coachella has come and gone, we can focus on other music festivals hosted in the summer heat.  

I'm not going to really call it as much festival chic as it is just boho in general (which, let's be honest, is good year round), but either way here we go.  Round One a maxi skirt (#duh), some earthy accessories, a straw tote and a casual sweatshirt.

It would, however, truly be a bummer to end up in a festival in this outfit during the weather we ended up having when I actually wore this outfit (and oddly the exact same weather we've been having for the past week or so) which was rainy, damp and dark.

Saturday night into Mother's Day morning, it actually snowed here.  SNOWED.  In May.  But that is pretty typical of Colorado in actuality.   And I am happy to report that by afternoon, it had cleared up some (still cold and damp some) and not too bad.

But damp ground and long white maxi skirts don't mix.  So if you're a practical person who keeps track of the weather and stuff, don't wear this skirt on days when it is supposed to rain.  But do wear it if it is just the perfect look for Mission Week #57.

White Crocheted Maxi Skirt-thrifted
Grey Sweatshirt-Kohl's
Cognac Bomber Jacket-Target
Cognac Boots-vintage
Straw Tote-thrifted

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