May 14, 2015

Mission #57, Day 4

If I were going to a festival and wanted to look all earthy, this would totes fit that bill.  Crocheted maxi skirt.  Fringed vest (so. much. fringe. this week).  Vintage hat (with coordinating feathers--obvi).  Black combat boots to weather the walking.  Fanny pack to store essentials.

If I've seemed a bit aloof lately in my lack of writing on the blog it is not because I have nothing to write about.  And it is not because I am going to turn into one of those blogs that are pictures only.  But I am busier than a one legged man at an ass kicking contest.  And therefore all I have to contribute are lame mom happenings and, apparently, stupid jokes.  So trust me, it's better this way for now.

If you are interested in what I'm doing on the daily and here my random bits of life, you are always welcome to follow me on Instagram.  I'm much chattier there.  Trust.

Rust Colored Crocheted Maxi Skirt-thrifted
Grey Tee-Target
Fringe Vest-Target
Black Combat Boots-L.E..I.
Necklace-vintage from my Grandma
Hat-vintage from Patrick's Grandma

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