May 8, 2015

Dear Frannie Friday--FREE Mother's Day Gifts

I was speaking with my boss's wife yesterday about Mother's Day.  After hearing her tell me that she doesn't like Mother's Day because her expectations were set too high and she was usually disappointed and telling her about a similar article re same, it dawned on me that a lot of people (read: fathers and kids . . . usually) don't know what to do for Mother's Day because, well, they can be . . . in need of guidance.  I will, on behalf of almost every mother, tell you that the things that you do for Mother's Day will go miles beyond the things that you buy for Mother's Day.  Here's some ideas:

1.  Clean House

Seriously.  I bet the #1 way to show your mother/wife that you appreciate what she does on the daily is to have one day where she doesn't clean the house.  And that doesn't mean "make sure she doesn't clean."  It means make sure that the house is so clean that she doesn't feel the constant need to clean it.  Because trust me, she will eventually clean it--even on Mother's Day--if it is not clean.  So get to scrubbing those dishes and floors guys.  It WILL matter. 

2.  Sleeeeeeeeep

Especially for us mothers of kids or babies that get up at the asscrack of dawn every single day, let the woman sleep!  And that means, get up with the kids/baby.  Make sure that they are entertained enough for her to sleep.  No fighting kids.  Make sure they go to you with requests and not your sleeping wife.  #ifyouloveherlethersleep 

3.  Pictures

Ok, so this one might cost a minimal amount of money if you don't have a color or photo printer.  But it will be worth it.  The most treasured gift to a mother are her children.  So naturally pictures are the second most treasured things to a mother.  So take the time, find some good pictures and do something creative with them!  Make a collage.  Have the kids make picture frames out of popsicle sticks with the photos.  If you have some extra frames, put 'em in and hang 'em up! 

4.  Get Cooking

You don't have to be a world renowned chef to show your wife/mom that you appreciate all those days and nights she has spent bent over a hot stove preparing a dinner (not to mention the endless grocery store trips she's taken for the ingredients, the preparation, the recipe searching, the meal planning . . .).  Find something simple that you can make.  Just getting some rolls and deli meat to make sandwiches for dinner will go a long way.  Or, if you must, take the woman out to dinner/lunch/brunch.  That counts too.

5.   Massages

You cannot go wrong with a good massage.  Whether it is a back rub, a foot rub, a shoulder rub or an all over rub.  This will work every time.  Clearly this is more of an idea for the husbands/fathers.  Kind of a weird concept for sons and daughters . . . #thingsgotkindweirdthere

6.  Little Details

Women are known for the little details.  Seriously if we weren't I don't think that Pinterest parties would even be a thing.  We love all that little extra shit.  So put out a nice tablecloth for dinner or use the fancy glasses or change the sheets.  Make things just that extra little bit special.
Happy Mother's Day!!!

Fruit Print Dress (worn as a skirt)-vintage
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Diamond Stud Earrings-gifted

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