August 23, 2011

Is This Gurl Cuh-razy?!?!?

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The answer, ladies, is yes.  I am crazy.  I chose one of the hottest days of my LIFE to wear black jeans and a leather vest.  But I can explain . . .

This outfit came to me in a dream.  I am serious.  Does this ever happen to you?  I don't remember anything about my dream and it was one of those quick doze offs between when you snooze your alarm "just one more time" and when it goes off again.  But all I remember about the dream was that I remember thinking "aw, you should've worn this outfit!"  So I did.

Despite the heat, it was a very good call.  I felt so chic in this outfit.  Like unstoppable chic.  Like, don't mess with me cause I will kick your ass, but then I will help you up and spread the love like the hippie I truly am chic.  

Plus, this dress/vest, or drest if you will, has not gotten the attention it deserves on this blog.  I've worn it one other time as a dress, but I think I prefer it as a vest.  But then again, last time I was so excited to wear it that I got the "quick put something together with this vest even though you are lacking any inspiration other than the vest itself"-isms.  

I got several compliments today on the vest.   So, it must've been a good dream! 

Leather vest-vintage, White Tank-Wal-Mart, Black Skinny Jeans-Mudd, Booties-Charlotte Russe, Earrings-gifted and DIY, Bangle-vintage from my mom, Necklaces-Wal-Mart, Sunnies-Pugg


  1. Oooh, girl! That outfit is hot. Seriously, though, that vest is fantastic. I would definitely have worn it despite the heat. You're gorgeous.

    I totally know those dreams. I hate when you have a really good one, wake up and it never happened! Good thing you could bring your dream to life. Sometimes the subconscious really has it going on.

  2. Wow, that drest is fantastic! And I love love love how you've styled it. The perfect blend of rocker and bohemian chic. You got it goin' on! And you're a brave soul for sporting this in the heat. Extra credit, yo :)

  3. That vest is an awesome piece! You look great! And I'm impressed that you wore it in this heat!

  4. If you dream it, you gotta do it!!

    Besides, that leather vest is awesome.

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    talking all things French

  5. Love that vest! Totally makes me want to wear my hair in braids, so I'm going to!!

  6. Thanks as always Megan! I felt pretty B.A. in it all day. I think my subconscious really was workin it the other night. Too bad I couldn't pull that off everyday!

  7. LOL thanks Chelsea! I really appreciate your kind and genuine comment!

  8. Do it girl! LOL That's awesome, thank you!

  9. That is an epic coat/vest/dress! Love how versatile you've made it. I actually had a dream about visiting Graceland (a place I've wanted to go my whole life!) and in the dream I was wearing a really cute outfit that I immediately proceeded to wear in real life. So glad I'm not the only one who dreams in outfits!

  10. That vest-dress is crazy! Like crazy awesome, I luuuuurrrrrvvvveee it!

    (BTW, I am all about Olivia from Jerseylicious - who else could rock a leopard print wall in her livingroom!)

  11. Love this look but I'm sweating just thinking about wearing it in this heat! But, if a dream tells you to wear it, I think it's best to listen, especially when you dream a fabulous outfit like this one :)

  12. Sometimes it doesn't even matter what the weather says - especially if you work in a/c all day.
    Love the vest, and the mix of camel and black - i wish i'd dream all my outfits, it would save me time in the morning.

  13. LOL well I hope you make it to Graceland one day and kudos to you for making your dream outfit a reality! Thanks for your great comment.

  14. Olivia. Is. The BOMB baby! LOL thanks Lisa!

  15. No kidding! I freeze with a breeze, so it worked inside, but I melted the second I stepped outside. Thank you Lyddie!

  16. I am absolutely OBSESSED with this look! black skinnies and a leather vest?! Your dream brought you a fabulous combination!

  17. Sorry I am so late on commenting on this but, this drest is a DREAM! I love it and if I ever see it, would steal it off your back. It is simply amazing and would look perfect in every season. I can't wait to see you pair it with a chunky sweater and nubby tights. I love what you came up with. It's perfectly styled and you look great!




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