May 7, 2015

Thursday Mixer--Baby Blue Ann Taylor Dress

I honest to goodness do not remember where or how I ended up with this dress.  Really it is a toss up from some kind of thrift escapade and one of the many treasures that a blogger friend Lynn gave me a long time ago.  Either way, I remember being extremely happy with the fit and color of this dress.

Because I can't remember its origin, I cannot remember the price so I cannot accurately calculate a price per wear.  But I have had this dress for three years and I am shocked that it has only been on the blog four times!  It's truly a crime which I tend to rectify post haste.

1, Now, 3, 4

In actuality I wore this little number out for a blogger meet up at Plum Consignment where I wanted to eat all the refreshments and buy all the things.  In a sick twist of fate, the meet up happened close enough to payday where I was not equipped with funds to indulge but also was sad because there were SO MANY cute things there.

If you're in the Stapleton (south Denver) area, I highly recommend giving them a gander.  I guarantee that you will find something there that is totally worth the drive.  

Baby Blue Dress-Ann Taylor, thrifted
Floral Scarf-vintage
Striped Wedges-Payless
Yellow Bag-Claire's
Pearl Earrings-gifted from Patrick from Qatar

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