May 19, 2015

Share the Covers--Take it on the Run

Colorado has been a real pain in the butt.  Nearly every single day has been rainy and/or cloudy.  I think that we kind of skipped spring or at least got a real crappy one.  But, Colorado boasts 300 days of sunshine per year.  And most of the time, it delivers.

And while we don't live near an ocean with beaches, we have an abundance of lakes and rivers and cute little towns to sight-see in.  And for those days and activities, you will want to bring a lot of stuff with you--water bottles, sunscreen, snacks . . . the list goes on.  

But obviously, with our higher elevation and nearly constant sunshine, it is important to keep shaded.  But with so much other stuff to bring along, it would sure be nice if you could bring some hats without having to bring extra gear.  

Enter the Pack-a-Hat.  Coming in a small wallet, this hat folds out into a full fledged sun hat.  The wallet fits easily inside of a beach bag and even inside of a purse!  And then you're ready for fun in the sun!  Now all that we need is the sun . . .

And as for the cover . . . (which I honestly almost forgot to include) . . . Here is the original by REO Speedwagon .  . .

And the cover by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes . . . (LOVE this cover)

Navy Cardigan-American Eagle
Black and White Striped Shirt-Target
Denim Cutoffs-Target
Watercolor Sandals-Candie's
Hat-Pack-a-Hat, Cappelli Straworld, c/o
Straw Tote-Fossil, thrifted

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