May 26, 2015

Mission #58, Day 2

I have always been enamored with a white shirt dress.  I love the elusive, understated sexiness of it.  I looked online ENDLESSLY until I found the perfect one.  This one is pretty short when I belt it, as you can see, but it has pockets, the perfect shirt dress shape that I was looking for and I have roughly 57 ways in my mind to wear it.

I do hope that you all got to have the day off of work yesterday.  I did and I cannot tell you how amazing it was.  Now that we are done with the school year and thus almost all of the extracurricular activities, I have been using this time mostly to recuperate, but there is a lot that I have wanted to get done that I had been neglecting.  Until now, that is.

This week, my weekly resolution is to do some real deep spring cleaning in my house--now that I don't have to pick kids up or drop kids off from school and dance and various other places.  So yesterday I spent the entire day cleaning out Patrick and I's room.  It feels so good to have our room all feng shui-ed and cleaned.

As I swept and dusted and organized and created piles to toss or donate, I realized how important three day weekends are.  On Saturday, I did nothing.  Absolutely nothing all day.  And it was glorious to just recharge.  On Sunday we went and met my mom and stepdad out at the lake for a day of BBQ-ing and relaxing.  And yesterday I was actually productive and got our room in tip top condition.

This just goes to show how amazing three day weekends are--one day to rest, one day to party or connect with family and one day to get all your shit done.  Perfect.

I vote that we make every weekend a three day weekend.  Who else is with me?

White Shirt Dress-Sheinside
Leopard Print Skinny Belt-Target
Cognac Knee High Boots-vintage

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