October 23, 2014

Mission #44, Day 4--Colored Tights

#coloredtightsduh  Colored tights have grown in popularity over the years.  I, for one, am relieved.  I have always been an avid advocate for colored tights--just ask anyone I went to high school with.  But they are a bit trickier to wear--especially at work.

One good rule of thumb is to keep the rest of your look neutral and simple.  Let the tights be your loud and your color for the outfit.  I surely didn't mind pairing them with my favorite leather dress and a white button down.  

One reason that I didn't mind was that I actually fit into this dress.  And that felt good.  I'm taking the little victories when I can.  I know you are all sick of me complaining about my weight loss struggles, but it seriously weighs on me daily (that was an unintentional pun . . . but I like it).

What makes it harder still is that about 8 weeks ago, Patrick gave up most sugar.  He still has it once in a great while in small amounts--like in pasta sauce or something--but he quit drinking soda and quit putting it in his coffee and gave up snacks.  This was 8 weeks ago.  And he is down 15 pounds.

My brother has been going to the gym with Patrick every morning.  He is trying to gain weight.  He has been lifting and eating more protein (and just more in general).  He is trying to get bigger.  Trying.  To get bigger.  And gain weight.

And then, there's me.  Throughout my pregnancy, I ate all the right stuff.  I hardly ever indulged in sweets (even ice cream).  I did yoga every Wednesday.  I tried to manage my weight.  And I still gained 54 pounds.  Reilly was born and I was down 14 pounds.  To date, I have lost 30 of the 54 pounds.  There's still a long way to go.  I have been super active since Reilly was born--biking, walking and/or working out nearly everyday.  I drink only water (A LOT more than I used to) and coffee, I avoid sweets and fast food and I eat healthy meals and snacks.

I know that I had a baby.  I know that I need to remain positive and I am trying.  It is incredibly disheartening, however, to lose and gain the same 5 pounds for two months.  I'm trying to not compare myself to other bloggers or celebrities who just shed their baby weight without trial in weeks after they give birth.  But sweet baby Jesus--it is literally THE most frustrating thing.  So for now, I will celebrate what I have lost with vintage leather dresses and rust colored tights.

Leather Dress-vintage; Sheer White Button Down-thrifted; Rust Colored Tights-Target; Leopard Flats-Payless; Watch-vintage Oscar de la Renta, gifted; Diamond Stud Earrings-gifted

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