May 18, 2015

Make it Work Monday #14

 I don't know where this original Pin came from.  I don't know if it is a blog or an advertisement or what.  But I did like it immediately and I knew that I had similar pieces.  I don't have the skirt, but I have a very similar dress that I could wear as a skirt.  I have a sweater in a similar color.  I have a bright colored quilted bag.  And I have a pearl necklace.  And viola, the look was reincarnated.

This weekend was a good one.  Saturday was the MS Muckfest.  It was one cold mucker--about 40 degrees, raining on and off.  But on the plus side, everyone got doused head to toe in mud.  The kids were extremely thrilled at my challenge to get as muddy as they possibly could.

On Sunday we didn't have anything going on per se, but we did have about a dozen kids at the house between my kids, neighbor kids and various friends of the kids' that stopped by.  Having a trampoline at our house ups its playtime value up by about 184%.

And it was one of those really good busy Sundays.  Brielle and I played several games of Trouble (where I legitimately got my ass kicked every single game).  She also adopted a moth that she found with only one working wing outside. 

I made banana bread.  I mopped my floors.  I did laundry (regular and Muckfest laundry).  I bought fresh flowers (I've been obsessed with them ever since I got some beautiful yellow daisies for Mother's Day).  

It was one of those weekends, much like every other weekend we've had since I can remember, where I finish up dinner on Sunday night in total disbelief that the weekend is over and I have five more days of hellish work ahead of me before I can appreciate the weekend once again.  But at least this weekend is a three day one.  And it is the last week of school.  And you really can't celebrate that enough amiright???

Striped Dress (worn as a skirt)-Dillard's
Purple Sweater-Kohl's
Nude Flats-Target
Magenta Quilted Bag-Candie's
Pearl Earrings and Necklace-from Patrick from Qatar

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