November 20, 2013

Daiquiri Ice

 This pregnancy has brought me some of the cuh-raaaaaaziest dreams of my life (even though I am notorious for them anyhow).  One night a couple of weeks ago, I had a dream that I was invited to this exclusive natural super market (run by John Lithgow, but I digress).  In the store, I found my favorite ice cream of all time--Daiquiri Ice ice cream, sold exclusively at Baskin Robbins.  But in my dream, the store closed before I could find the ice cream and I was unable to ever enter again (it was a one time exclusive deal).

 So I woke up completely unsatisfied and unable to think of anything but Daiquiri Ice ice cream.  I researched and found out we had a BR in our town, so Patrick went promptly at opening time to get me some.  But when he arrived, he was told that they only carry DI in the summer time!  I was crushed.

 Two days later I could still not get the ice cream out of my brain and I wanted it more than ever.  So I decided to research.  I looked up all the BR shops in Colorado.  After calling a few, I found one that had some DI on hand!  My conversation with the guy went like this:

Me--"OMG you have some?!?!!?  Is there a way I can buy more than a scoop of it?"
Guy--"Well we also sell it in a pint, a quart and a tub."
Me--"Ok I'll take a tub."
Guy--"Ok . . . when do you need it?"
Me--"IDK . . . Yesterday!"
Guy--"Well let me see if we have that much."

 Now in my brain, I'm thinking that this rare commodity is almost gone.  I'm also thinking that a tub had to be equivalent to a gallon or two.  I mean, a pint and a quart sounded way too small--especially since I was essentially traveling to another town to get this stuff.  But I didn't ask questions.  I didn't ask the cost.  I didn't ask the quantity.

 I got to the BR to pick up my prize after work that day, happier than a clam.  I get to the register and the guy tells me the total.  $50.  Wow--for ice cream??  I thought, but did not argue out of desperation.  Then he asked me if I needed any help to my car with it.  I gave him a confused look and said that I could probably get it--but how much does it weigh?  25 pounds, he answers.  Twenty.  Five.  Pooooooounds.  Apparently, when you buy a tub of ice cream at Baskin Robbins, it is not a gallon.  Or two gallons.  It is the actual tub that they use to serve the ice cream out of at the store.

And that, my friends, is my craziest pregnancy craving story I've ever had.  And I will never live it down--by way of kids, husband, sister (who, also being pregnant, was the enabler and co-pilot in this mission) or anyone else who hears this story.

The most tragic thing is . . . I don't really even want it anymore.  So . . . anyone down for some ice cream?

Polka Dot Dress-vintage; Striped Blazer-Forever 21, thrifted; Hot Pink Heels-H&M; Sunnies-Target; Earrings-gifted

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