October 7, 2014

Mission #43, Day 2--Black Jumpsuit

 This second look for Mission Week gladly welcomes my very first, most used jumpsuit: the black one.  Also, this is one of the easiest tricks to wearing a jumpsuit--layer it under a vest.  In this case, a maternity vest.  Which I still think is the dumbest thing ever.  I'll wear this vest long after I'm done being in maternity clothes (and, believe me, emotionally I.  AM.  DONE.  with maternity clothes).

Working part time and having four kids--one of which is under a year old--is a lot more challenging than I thought.  My boys (13 and 9) are both constantly in sports--football and baseball.  My oldest son is homeschooled at the moment.  My daughter is recently joining a hip hop dance class with my niece.  My youngest is still very much dependent on mom.

So you'd think that working part time would leave me with all this "free time" between work and mom stuff.  Not so much.  From the time that I get up, I am caring for four other little people.  For Reilly this means everything from feeding to changing to dressing to holding and carrying.  For the others its transportation and homework.

The schedule and constant hustle is not something I mind too much.  I have to keep reminding myself how good it is for the kids.  I think about how lucky they are to be able to participate in those kinds of activities.  It makes me very happy to give them those memories and opportunities.

The aftermath of all of this, however, of this kind of activity is that I feel like I am slowly starting to lose my mind.  Like sometimes I seriously have to convince myself that I am not a paranoid schizophrenic.  

When I don't have all four children in my presence, I am constantly having to check with my mind who is where and who has what activity.  "Ok, where's Kaden?  Ok, he's at football practice.  Conner's with the neighbors, but he has practice at 5:30.  Where's Brielle?  Did she ever get her homework done?  When did Reilly eat last?  Didn't he have a doctor's appointment today?  No, that's next week, right?  Yeah, that's definitely next week."

So just for future reference, I want you all to be witness to this request:

Please have them print my straight jacket in leopard print.

Black Jumpsuit-Forever 21; Knitted Vest-Motherhood, thrifted; Snakeskin Studded Heels-Vanity, thrifted; Anchor Necklace-Charming Charlie's; Earrings-DIY and gifted; Buckle Cuff-H&M

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