October 3, 2014

Dear Frannie Friday--Five Fall Essentials

I was recently inspired by Raise.com with the challenge of choosing what I believe to be my top five fall fashion items.  If you have never heard of Raise.com, they are an online company where you can sell your unwanted gift cards or you can buy gift cards at a discounted rate. This is great not only for the upcoming holiday gift giving season, but also to beef up your own closet with fall fashion and maybe get rid of some of those unused, unwanted gift cards!

(in general) A Sweater
(in specific) A Comfy Neutral Sweater

Sweaters are an obvious classic for fall.  Not only are they functional with the chilly weather, but they are a perfect piece for layering.  I suggest a neutral sweater because it can go with any outfit if you just need to throw on an extra layer.  This J. Crew one that I thrifted is perfect for just that.  The subtle zipper detail on the shoulder gives it some understated character. 


(in general) Boots
(in specific) Tall Boots

Because of tall boots, you can add warmth to skinny pants as well as continue your wear of skirts and dresses throughout the cooler months.  The number of times that I have worn these cognac boots is outlandishly satisfying.  These were fairly inexpensive, though a good pair would be absolutely worth it to invest in.  They will repay you.

 (in general) A Hat
(in specific) A Beanie

Hats are an obvious necessity for fall.  I know that the fedora is big right now, but I am always partial to a good ole fashion beanie and I am stoked about the growing popularity of the slouchy version.  I like the laid back, slightly European feel.  A sweet cream color will work nicely with other pieces. 

(in general) A Scarf
(in specific) A Scarf in a Fall Friendly Pattern

This scarf is admittedly a recent Target purchase.  But I think it will be a very valuable addition to my scarf collection.  Granted, I wasn't always the biggest scarf-wearer. But, I have learned the utility of scarves in recent years.  And this one is soft and the perfect plaid pattern.

(in general) Comfy Jeans
(in specific) Black Jeans

The name of the game when the summer activities die down, when the weather chills and time starts slowing down just slightly is comfort.  And there is little more comfortable or comforting than a good ole fashioned pair of jeans.  I say black jeans are best just because black jeans can easily be dressed up or dressed down.  And personally, I have a white dog who sheds obsessively in the summer time.  So I like to have a mini-celebration of the fact that there will be a lot less dog hair in the coming months as she gets her winter coat.

Do you have a question or suggestion for Dear Frannie Friday?   Feel free to email me at franniepantz@hotmail.com 

Black Skinny Jeans-Old Navy (maternity); Sweater-J. Crew, thrifted; Cognac OTK Boots-Charlotte Russe; Plaid Scarf-Target; Slouchy Beanie-Target; Earrings-gifted

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