October 29, 2014

Word Wednesday--Teaching and Learning

Working with Kaden on his schoolwork the past couple of months has really opened my eyes to many aspects of teaching and public education.  I realize how difficult of a job teaching is.  I recognize how some teachers were so invested in Kaden and his success.  I recognize how ignorant or close-minded others were.  I recognize the ridiculous way Kaden somehow breezed through grades without basic skills just so that the school wouldn't suffer through funding.  I could go on and on.  But the basics that I've learned is this--every kid learns in a different way.  Conner is a whiz.  He gets it.  He needs to be challenged constantly or he doesn't learn.  Brielle is extremely organized and Type A.  She loves doing homework, making word webs and lists.  Kaden is creative.  He needs to have less structure and a positive association for his lessons to stick.  

In celebration of learning and teaching differences, here are some quotes for you on the subject:

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