October 9, 2014

Mission #43, Day 4--Black Overalls

As confusing as it is, overalls are considered jumpers.  I know.  But I felt it was appropriate to try out these maternity overalls while I'm not . . . maternity.  It was fun and they were comfy.  But I think they still make me look . . . maternity.  So I might have to bite the bullet and get real black overalls after all.

But I wore this sheer blouse underneath and let me tell you--the easiest way to pull off a sheer blouse is under overalls.  No one is the wiser and yet you get to walk around all day knowing that there is little out there between you and naughtiness.  Like your own little secret.

But enough about that.  Tomorrow is the freakin weekend and I am pretty darn stoked about that.  This is why October is my freak out month.  It starts everything into overdrive.  Kids' Halloween party (why did I start that tradition again?), actual Halloween, Kaden's birthday and party, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year.  And, of course, lots in between (like two nieces' birthdays).

So for now, why don't we shelf the anxiety attack momentarily and just check out the cool artwork that was spray painted on this wall . . .

Diversion complete.

Black Overalls (Maternity)-Amazon; Sheer Blouse-vintage; Silver Oxfords-thrifted; Glasses-Bebe; Earrings-Charming Charlie's

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