November 5, 2013

Share the Covers--Womanizer

Today instead of a cover, we're going to pay homage to one of my favorite remixes--Womanizer by Ms. Britney Spears.  Here is the original . . .

And here is the remix featuring Mr. Busta Rhymes . . .

On the day I took these photos I had stayed home ill from work (unrelated to the cold I am currently and finally getting over).  I didn't have the motivation to venture out to take photos, so I thought I would show you part of my cute new backyard!

I love this little park bench.  It was left here, along with three others, by the previous owner.  She was the cutest ever.  Seriously, I almost wanted to ask her to move in with us.  She was an older single woman from Finland originally with an adorable accent.

I felt we were kindred spirits from the get-go.  She had a bunch of Native American motif around her house and I am largely Native American.  She had two schnauzers.  My grandmother loved schnauzers and always had them.  And she was really easy going.  I miss her already.

Black Skirt-Kohl's; BOOM Sweatshirt-3.1 Philip Lim for Target; Tights-Kohl's; Platform Oxfords-Mossimo; Tote-Del Conte, gifted; Spiked Baseball Cap-Amazon; Earrings-DIY and gifted 

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