November 11, 2013

Mission #21, Day 1--Lace Shirtdress LBD

Um, woops.  I totes forgot to get a full outfit shot of the first look for Mission Week.  I tell ya what, pregnancy brain has been a mofo this go round.  Seriously I forget everything these days.  But on this particular day, I don't just blame the pregnancy brain.

I have the strangest spottings and interactions taking my outfit shots in the parks of Boulder.  On this day, I was walking to the park from my car when I saw a car drive up to the park . . . and then continue to drive his car into the park.  And park it there.  Just chillin in the middle of the damn park.

To make matters stranger, he then got out and started taking photos of the car.  Obviously, this was probably prepping the car for a sale, but it was just strange that he felt like he needed to park the car in the middle of the park for this.

Then I realize that I'm sitting here being all quasi judgy about this guy taking pictures of his car in the park . . . while I was taking pictures of myself in the middle of a park . . .

The irony is not lost on me people.

Lace Shirtdress-thrifted; Polka Dot Tights-Target; Mustard Cardigan-J. Crew, thrifted; Platform Oxfords-Target; Skinny Gold Belt-thrifted; Earrings-gifted; Sunnies-shop in mall

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