November 12, 2013

Mission #21, Day 2--LBD, Scarf and Boots

Look #2 for Mission Week with LBDs.   Because LBDs are such a simple and easy canvas, dressing one up with a scarf and fun boots makes for a simple yet chic look.

I have to admit, the only way I've gotten through the first trimester of death was having a backlog of photos.  So for a bit here, you may notice in some photos, I'm still pretty small.  And I still have long hair (btw I chopped it a few weeks ago).

But what I can say is that this being my fourth babe and being pretty small to begin with, I grew pretty darn fast and my wardrobe simultaneously shrank.  One of less than desirable effects of pregnancy is gaining a further limiting closet.

But what I do remember about this particular look and day was that I felt great.  Nothing was fussy or pulling.  And I felt like "the old me" in this look.  

Being able to tell people about being pregnant finally really has helped me sartorially speaking.  Reason being is that I'm not as much trying to hide my bump.  Instead, I have been able to work with my bump.  And someone very close to me already called this happening.

You know who?  My mom.  Moms are the bomb.  They know everything.

LBD-Marc Anthony Marc New York, thrifted; Mint Scarf-J. Lo; Grey Ruffle Suede Knee High Boots-Kohl's; Watch-gifted; Earrings-gifted
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