November 13, 2013

Mission #21, Day 3--Leather LBD

For this day of Mission Week with LBDs, I took an optimistic leap with one of my recent faves--the leather panel little black dress. I was absolutely thrilled to learn that this dress still fits.  Barely.

I am trying to hold off on buying any maternity items, hopefully not needing to buy any.  This is absolutely my last pregnancy and I don't want to waste money on overpriced, never to be worn again, easily monotonous clothing that fills my closet.

And, I don't want to try to buy any "regular" clothes.  I've been in the game too long to forget how long and how much work it takes to get the ole body back, as determined I will be.

So putting on something old and familiar, but at the same time fun, flirty and sassy was a real treat.  As you can probably tell, this may be one of the last times I get to wear it.  

But I felt great when I did wear it.  And when you're already sportin' 20 or so extra pounds (yikes), anything helps.  

I don't do well with limits--especially in the closet department.  I already miss tucking in my shirts.  But I know there's a greater good at stake.  And for that I am very grateful.

Leather Panel Dress-unknown; Plaid Cropped Blazer-Elle for Kohl's; Tights-Target; Glitter Heels-Target; Watch-vintage from Grandma; Earrings-gifted; Mirrored Aviators-Target

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