November 19, 2013

Share the Covers--Kissing You and Still in Love

Although I'm usually a rock/hip hop girl at heart, I do have a soft spot for a beautiful ballot.  Here is the original of a song I fell in love with back when Romeo & Juliet the movie came out by Des'ree  . . .

And here is the cover by Beyonce . . . (although if I remember correctly, Beyonce at first claimed this was not a cover, but her own song or there was some kind of Court fiasco regarding trademark rights to the song or something to that effect)

My hormones have been all over the map.  I seriously don't remember being this emotional with any of my other pregnancies (not that I wasn't, but I don't recall).  The flaw in myself is that my "emotional" state usually doesn't involve crying or sadness.  I get angry, frustrated and defensive.  It's unfortunate, but it's who I am.  I can admit it.

And my poor, sweet husband usually has to deal with it.  He handles it like a champ.  He doesn't complain at all and, in kind, just takes it with a grain of salt.  For example, a few weeks ago I was asking him to check on something for Kaden's birthday present while I was out for my sister's baby shower.  He very calmly told me that he couldn't for some reason or another and I irrationally got annoyed and left the house in a tizzy.  (I always realize how irrational I can be in these times after the fact.)

And when I came home, I found that not only had he checked on the thing I asked him to, but my house was completely spotless from top to bottom.  The laundry was done.  The floors were swept and mopped.  The dishes were done.  The bathrooms were cleaned.  Our room was organized and clean.  Man, did I ever feel like shit.  He won.  For sure.  Best payback ever.

I do not deserve this man.  But I sure am damn grateful he sticks around to tolerate me.

Tapered Trousers-H&M; Grey Sweatshirt-Kohl's; Studded Snakeskin Heels-Vanity, gifted; Necklace-Charming Charlie's; Bracelet-vintage from Grandma; Earrings-gifted

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