November 4, 2013

Mission Monday #21--LBDs

Whether you're psyched or shuddering at the thought, the holidays are officially right around the bend.  That means gatherings and holiday parties.  And there is no better way to prep for a holiday party than with the ever popular LBD or little black dress.

For this reason, next week we will be celebrating the LBD.  It is great for holiday parties, but also extremely versatile in other situations--work, lunches, going out, date night.  So, get ready.

I actually wore this look to go to the Fall 2013 Colorado Fashion Week show.  That was about a month ago, almost to the day.  Yeah, I know.  I have yet to post about it.  I've been busy and then sick and then busy.

But also, among the other hurdles and annoyances of my evening that night, the itinerary of designers that were to present their fashions did not match the designers that actually went on.  And because they were new to me and because there was no handout of any kind to identify who they actually were, I don't know which designer designed which clothes.  Grrr.

But fear not, I am working on getting that fixed and I can't wait to show you the pictures that I have because the designers did not disappoint.  The clothes were fabulous, in fact.  But I want to give credit where credit is due.  You know what I'm saying.

I specifically saved this amazing thrifted plaid cape for the fashion show and I cannot wait to wear it again.  It is perfect for fall and the perfect way to accent this LBD.

A straggling drunk gentleman agreed.  I was patiently waiting to cross the street downtown Denver when two young men were getting into a car together.  One of them was obviously intoxicated, but stopped with the belligerence long enough to tell me that he loved my outfit and "when women dress like that". 

I thanked him awkwardly and waited anxiously for the pair to drive off.  He returned the politeness by asking me if my ride was coming.  Always honest, I started to say that I drove myself, but thought better of it and just replied yes.  To which he replied, "that's good, cause if he ain't you can always catch a ride with a brotha."  Thank you kind sir, for reminding me of this song.

LBD-Alfani; Plaid Cape-thrifted; Boots-Forever 21; Striped Tights-gifted; Necklace-Charming Charlie's; Clutch-Candie's; Sunglasses-shop in mall; Diamond Stud Earrings-gifted

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