November 8, 2013

Guess What? There's a Human in There!

 So we're forgoing the typical Dear Frannie Friday post for a little announcement . . . we're pregnant!

 It has been sooooooo hard to not share this news with this blog, for so many reasons.  The first and most obvious is that we are stoked.

Secondly, look at this belly already!  It's been very hard to hide.  And it is getting harder and harder to do so.  In fact, I got outed yesterday at work by an attorney in front of many other attorneys!

Third of all, it's all that I have been able to focus on.  I have been sicker than a dog for the last few months.  Even though it is hard to imagine that I haven't been eating if you look in my belly, until recently eating was not an option beyond yogurt.

 Not only have I been ridiculously sick, but I have been more tired than ever before in my life.  Seriously, every time I stood still, I feel asleep.  My energy has been null and void for weeks.

 Plus side?  I'm feeling a ton better.  I can eat and stay awake for a decent amount of time.  Patrick and I have been quietly enjoying this little secret since our anniversary (that's a cool story that can come later), but now that we've passed that scary first trimester stuff we can officially celebrate!

Striped Dress-Target; Boots-Charlotte Russe; Blazer-A-List, thrifted; Scarf-J. Lo; Earrings-Kohl's

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