November 25, 2013

Mission #22, Day 1--Floral Leggings

Day One of Mission Week and here I am with one of my favorite pairs of leggings--the floral leggings.  One way to keep leggings interesting is to indulge in a pair with a fun pattern. 

I love weekends that are equal in relaxation, productivity and fun.  It's hard to get a good balance, but this weekend was just that.

Yesterday my sister, brother in law and nieces came over.  I have been planning on taking some maternity pics of my sis and her family and now we're running out of time (my newest niece will be here in two weeks!!!!), so they came over and then we went to dinner at Aunt Alice's Kitchen (aka, the BEST food ever).

My nieces just crack me up.  They are so freaking adorable.  For example, I handed my younger niece, Emma, something to hand to her dad.  "Emma, give these to your daddy please," I ask.  She looks at me, points her finger and goes "Auntie, you want something done, you do it yourself!" and runs off.

And then, at dinner, Emma (4) was trying to get a piece of spaghetti in her mouth the same way every four year old does it--by dangling it in front of her mouth.  Frustrated, she shouts out "Just go in already!!!!" We all started busting out laughing and my oldest niece Anya (7) follows it with "Now that's the heart of a true hero!"  These girls need a television show.

Floral Leggings-Rue21, gifted; Pink Chiffon Tank-BCBG, thrifted; Grey Moto Boots-Forever 21; White Jacket-Wal-Mart; Earrings-gifted; Sunnies-Target

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