June 29, 2013

Victory is Sweet

The past few posts I've had have been scheduled and thus I have not been able to fully express how my heart sings with the news of DOMA being considered unconstitutional.

I've always been completely open minded about all people. I went on to have two best friends--both gay and male.  One of my cousins is gay.

The thought that our country and society is so close-minded that you can deny human beings the right to do anything that does not harm another person completely makes me sick to my stomach. 

 To me, denying gay marriage is no different in any way to those that used to preach that women should not vote, that people of another color shouldn't share water fountains or bar stools or that the mentally handicapped were to be hidden from public.

People are people.  And I for one am over the moon that we are taking a step in this direction.  It seems so small, but it's a good start.  Say no to H8!!!

"Rights for all people, damn right I support it"--Macklemore

Denim Mini-thrifted; Leopard Flats-Target; Sons of Anarchy Shirt-Amazon; Earrings-DIY and gifted; Chain Bracelet-vintage from Grandma

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