June 22, 2013

Make the Switch

As you may know, Google Reader is finetto as of July 1.  This means that if you currently follow me via Google Reader will not know when I have a new post.  Boo.  So here are some other options for you:

1.  Bloglovin

I personally have used Bloglovin ever since I started my blog.  I love it.  It is easy to follow blogs this way of all kinds.  And you can follow anonymously, if that's a concern for you. 

2.  Facebook

This is another easy way to follow Frannie Pantz because everyone and their grandmother has a Facebook (duh!).  

3.  By Email

You can use the nifty widget on the right hand side of this page to follow Frannie Pantz via email.  (Thanks Mom and Sammie!)

4.  Twitter

I have to admit, I'm not very active on Twitter.  I don't really even know how to tweet and I never check it.  But my posts do go up automatically.

5.  Pinterest

On the other hand, I am veeeeery interactive on Pintrest.  I get a lot of recipes and outfit ideas from Pintrest. And I also Pin my recent outfits.

6.  Chictopia

Again, I am not terribly interactive on Chictopia admittedly but I do post my outfits on there as well. 

 Overall Shorts-Wal-Mart; Bubblegum Striped Cropped T-Shirt-Aeropostale; Floral Flats-Payless; Earrings-Wal-Mart; Watch-gifted

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