June 21, 2013

Dear Frannie Fridays--Vegetarian Cookout Options

Our family has been doing the vegetarian thing for almost three months now.  I love it.  I have not had any meat since March.  Patrick still eats some chicken and fish.  And we let the kids have meat when it is available, but I have not bought nor prepared meat in three months.  It's great!  But the hardest part is summer.  Because everyone wants to barbecue.  And everyone barbecues hamburgers and hot dogs.  Luckily, there are several options for vegetarians!  Here are some of my favorite vegetarian burger recipes:

These were so super yummy!  Perfect amount of spice and honestly has a very similar consistency to the traditional beef burger.  (Click on link for recipe)

I actually haven't made these yet, but they are on the list!  The base is potato which means (I'm guessing) that they will have a richer, smoother texture than a regular burger.  Looks yummo!

I didn't make this exact recipe either, but I've made similar ones.  Quinoa is a very acquired taste, I've found, because the texture is a little different.  It's a very grainy . . . grain.   The last time I made a recipe similar to this one, it got a "meh" from the kids but Patrick and I liked it.

This recipe uses Morningstar veggie burger patties, which isn't quite as "homemade", but I am a huge fan of Morningstar products myself.  Plus, this would be an easier one to tote to a bbq with you to throw on the grill.

Make sure to remember that if you are going vegetarian, you should still stay away from "fake meats" when you can.  Even though they are pretty good for you and obviously not "meat", they are not the most nutritious option as they can still contain a lot of chemicals and salt.


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