June 3, 2013

Mission Monday #10--Maxed Out

I had something different in mind for Mission Week next week, but I've been in the mood for maxis and horrible puns (see title), so we're gonna go with it aight?  

It feels kind of weird to be blogging since the last several of my posts have been scheduled, but I will say that I had a great time at my mom's wedding.  It was beautiful, I got to spend time with the kids, hung out with family, had my first Grappa (whoa . . . seriously) and Patrick took some amazing photos.  

Isn't my mom beautiful?  I made her bouquet and I have to say, even though I wasn't prepared to and have never done it, I think I did a good job.  It was a ton of fun.  Some of my favorite moments of the weekend were:

When I stopped at a gas station during the long drive and let the kids pick out a snack.  My daughter chose these Cheeto popcorn things.  We're driving along and my daughter asks me if we can make some Cheeto popcorn when we get home.  I told her that I didn't know if we could or if we had all the chemicals stuff at home to make it.  She points at the bag.  "Mom, all you need is an oven.  See?  It says right here--"oven baked.""  Love her. 

When we were driving along the beautiful mountain roads, my younger son Conner declares "Mom we should name this road "Red Rock Road".  I think that would be a good name for this road.  Plus, it's an alliteration."  He's barely 8.  He comes up with stuff like this all the time.  I love his brain. 

When my grandpa forgot his hearing aid during the ceremony.  We were sitting together and he kept talking to me during the ceremony.  He is adorable because he kept saying things to me about how much he loved my mom and how beautiful she was, but he couldn't hear how loud he was being so eeeeeeeeeveryone heard it. I love him.

When  my step-dad's grandson Jonathon was over the moon in love with my oldest niece Anya.  He told her she was gorgeous and later in the evening, he brought her flowers to her hotel room.  They were smitten with each other and shared a few dances at the wedding.  She was so obsessed with him the entire weekend.  She was telling me about him and I said "yeah, Anya, he thinks you're pretty!"  And she goes "No Auntie, he said I am gooooooooorgeous."  Love her.

When my younger niece, Emma, got really super cranky and my sister told her she was going to have her dad put her out in the hall of the hotel that all of us were sharing.  Well, we were all busy running around getting ready for the wedding and my brother in law didn't get to Emma right away to put her in the hallway.   A few minutes go by and Emma just says "Fine!  I'm leaving!" and she came two doors down to Auntie's room and was totally fine.  I love that my nieces love me.

Black Maxi Dress-Wal-Mart; Shrunken Denim Jacket-thrifted via Goodwill Swap; Leopard Print Flats-Payless; Earrings-Kohl's

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