June 10, 2013

Mission #10, Day 1

We are staring out Mission Week kind of official-like with this maxi skirt turned suit look.  What can I say?  I had a maxi skirt and blazer of the same color.  I had to give it a go!

These were taken on one of those rare days where I gave myself extra lunch hour time to explore a new photo taking spot.  The park I found was so pretty, but pretty populated and since I am such an introvert, I shuffled over to the thick of these bushes in front of a creek.

There was a bike path directly to my left and people were whizzing by on bikes or walking by but they didn't bother me.  Except one guy who was either homeless, drunk or both who simply said "lookin good!" as he walked by.  It's an interesting business this style blogging thing isn't it?

These shoes were recently given to me by my mom.  In fact, they were her wedding shoes!  She was all self conscious about them, but I thought they were perfect!  She wanted something that would be comfortable for her busy day.

Fortunately for me, my mom does not find comfort in wedges and promptly gave them to me directly after the wedding.  That works for me!

Beige Maxi Skirt-New York and Company, thrifted; Olive Green Sequined Striped Tank-Old Navy; Beige Blazer-thrifted; Wedges-gifted by Mom; Earrings-Kohl's

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