June 27, 2013

Mission #11, Day 4--Nancy Botwin of Weeds

And we continue on celebrating leading ladies of style for this week's Mission Week.  Today's inspiration comes from none other than Nancy Botwin of Weeds . . .

Nancy Botwin is basically superwoman.  This woman has literally dodged bullets (well . . . except one) for eight seasons.  She is a suburban mom turned drug dealer.  She is casual in style, but also subtly sexy.  

I have to say, I think I did pretty damn good shopping my closet for this one.  Nancy's typical style?  Shear top.  Check.  Constant sipping on iced coffee?  Check.

Long, casual mom shorts?  Check.

Sky high platforms?  Check.  (One of my favorite episodes is when she is on the run from her drug dealer husband who is out to murder her and she tells the kids to pack up the car with what they can grab and she packs about 30 pairs of shoes.  She also cuddles with them after she is released from jail.  My kinda gal . . . well the shoe thing . . . not the drug dealing husband--he was never my husband LOL, jk--or going to jail)

And I even debuted my new iPhone case I got from Amazon.  It is pink and spiked!  I love it.  And yes, my iPhone is getting a collection of "outfits" as well.I figured being inspired by a thuggish bad ass drug dealing mom was a good excuse to break it out.

And no, I didn't wear this to work.  But Nancy would have.  And I love her for that.

Floral Shear Tank-gifted by Mom; White Bandeau-Wal-Mart; White Cork Sandals-Marshall's; White Bermuda Shorts-thrifted; Pink Studded iPhone Case-Amazon

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