June 11, 2013

Mission #10, Day 2

Maxi dress usually signify summertime and bohemian vibes.  Sometimes I like to structure it a bit more but for this look for Mission Week, I let it hang loose.

Loose layers is the ONLY way to go.  I can hardly believe that barely a month ago we had snow on the ground.  Today it was 99 degrees.

I got in my car to play Pandora on my iPhone, as I have been doing since I got the damn thang, and we got about half a Biggie song in when suddenly it shut off.

My iPhone had overheated.  OVERHEATED.  The thing can give you directions to nearly anywhere in the world, go on the internet and look up whatever useless piece of information you "need" ("what was the name of the guy who played in that movie again?") and order pizza and it overheated.

There's something to be said about the summer heat when even your iPhone goes "oh naw, fuck that."

Red Maxi Dress (worn as a skirt)-Kohl's; Shear Polka Dot Top-Target; Leopard Print Sandals-Target; Bubble Ring-high school--no idea!; Gold Watch-gifted; Earrings-gifted; Sunnies-Target

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