June 26, 2013

Mission #11, Day 3--Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City

How could I go through a Mission Week that celebrates the television style icons and not give a day to the icon of all icons, Mrs. Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City?

Honestly . . . I almost didn't.  For two reasons.  For one: it is total cliche.  I am pretty sure there isn't a style blog on this planet that has not at least mentioned Carrie Bradshaw in a post.  Seriously, I'm not even going to give the general plot of the show because everyone knows what it is.

The second reason is I honestly didn't even think of her at first.  Not because I don't love her character and the show and have an obsessive obscene intimidating impressive collection of SJP cover magazines hanging in my room, but because I just . . . hadn't recently brushed up on my SATC reruns in a while I guess.

Not a single fashionista can spot a tulle skirt without thought of CB passing through their minds, I'm sure of it.  And although I had momentarily brainfarted on including Ms. B in the Mission Week this week, I did not forget to check out my local Saver's and found not one but THREE tulle skirts in my size.  

This was one of them (obvi) and the other two will make an appearance on the blog soon.  Because I did buy all three (obvi).  Even though I already have a tulle skirt.

Because I believe that Carrie would back me up when I say: a girl can never really have too much tulle.  Amiright?  And I plan on dying my other one.  I'm thinking mint?  Yellow?  Red?  Any suggestions?

So today, we honor Carrie in all her infinite style inspiration.  Raise your cosmos to Carrie ladies for teaching us that you're never too old to wear tulle.  Or hit up the thrift stores.  Or wear crazy curly hair.  Or wear flower pins.  Or don jewelry with your name/initials.  Or have too many shoes.

Tulle Cream Skirt-thrifted; White and Cork Sandals-Marshall's; Blue Knotted Tank-gifted by Lynne; Flower "Pin"-no idea, very old; Mirrored Aviators-Target; Watch-gifted; Earrings-gifted; Necklace-Target

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