June 24, 2013

Mission #11, Day 1--Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl

This Mission Week we are celebrating my favorite leading ladies of television.  It only seemed appropriate to start with one of the most stylish, influential leading ladies of tv there has been since Sex and the City.  And that is Ms. Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl.

For those of you not familiar with the show and Blair's character, let me summarize.  Blair is rich.  She lives in NYC.  And she is kind of a bitch.  But I love her.  You have to.

I got this dress from Shabby Apple with a gift certificate I won off of Lisa's blog, Respect the Shoes.  Though Blair wouldn't be caught dead buying anything with a gift card, I felt this dress was a pretty accurate description of her.

Blair's style is classic ladylike--though sometimes with an edgy twist.  And though she is probably wearing top designer brands, I think she would approve.

In actuality, I wore this to my friend Jessica's wedding a few weeks ago.  It was the perfect dress for a summer wedding--bright and cheery with a classic, vintage vibe.

Patrick shot these photos for me after the wedding, which was at a gorgeous B&B up in Pine, Colorado.  It was a gorgeous ceremony and totally worth the drive.

It was a tad windy, though, so even though I curled my curly hair, it didn't hold.  Anyone else baffled by naturally curly hair that doesn't hold a curl?

This may be my favorite Mission Week yet.  Tune in tomorrow for a look that's a little more country than country club.

Mint Polka Dot Dress-Shabby Apple; Pearl Earrings and Bracelet-gifted from Patrick from Qatar; Nude Criss Cross Wedge Sandals-Marshall's; Sunnies-Target

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