June 18, 2013

Share the Covers--Mrs. Robinson

Here is the original by Simon and Garfunkel . . .

And the funky cover by the Lemonheads . . .

I regularly go to the Court for random odds and ends errands for the office (part of the paralegal gig) and it never disappoints as far as random entertainment.  Today was no exception.  In fact, it was the most entertaining day at Court ever.

I was behind two women going into the Court house when we came upon a homeless man in a wheelchair at the doors.  We asked if he was going in and helped him to open the doors.  He gets to security and of course he has a billion backpacks and pouches on his Rascal.  The guard asks if he has any weapons in any of his knapsacks.  He says no.  The guard asks him to take the bags off so she can inspect them.  He says he can't and he won't.  Several other guards come over and they find dozens of knives in the backpacks.  The man (who I really kind of felt bad for . . . he didn't really have the wherewithal or the means to highjack the place) got all defensive about this because he was supposed to be in Court at 8:30.  This happened around 10:00.

Then after waiting for 20 minutes or so through that ordeal, I go to the records department.  There are two gentleman in front of me.  The first guy finishes with no problem.  The second guy walks up to the clerk (the only one working bteedubs) with two papers stapled together.  He tells the clerk that he is with an insurance company that is getting sued and needed all the cases that the Plaintiff had been involved in, which were conveniently listed out on the two sheets of paper.  Every document.  From every case.  I wanted to tell the guy that this was a pointless exercise because as per Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure, he would not be able to use any of that information really in trial or at least it would have to pass the exception rules as any testimony regarding previous convictions is restricted as it would prejudice the Plaintiff *pushes glasses up on nose*, but I didn't.

And that is the story of how it took me two hours to get a document certified at Court this morning.

Yellow Dress-Gianni Bini; Military Jacket-Lucky, thrifted; Espadrilles-gifted and thrifted; Earrings-Kohl's; Beaded Wide Belt-gifted and thrifted

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