June 5, 2013

Lovey Dovey

Patrick and I are a good match.  I've talked about how much I love him and appreciate him, but today I want to talk about how we compliment each other.

For example, I am a pretty emotional person.  If I am upset or sad or happy or excited, you know.  You absolutely know.  Whereas Patrick is much more reserved. 

Patrick is much more lovey dovey than I am.  I love him.  I tell him I love him.  But Patrick totally goes above and beyond.  He gets me flowers all the time and tells me how special I am all the time, he's great.

He is also extremely ticklish.  And I am very good at tickling.  I always win.  He didn't eat vegetables before we became vegetarian and I love them.

But we also like to fuck with each other (playfully and tastefully of course).  We are both stubborn and sarcastic and it's great.   

Like last night, for example.  Kaden had gone to the local swimming pool with his friends and asked me to pick them up after I got off of work.  I got there a little earlier than I had told them I would, so I was just waiting in the parking lot.

Suddenly, I got a text from Patrick that said "I hope you're not taking your pictures at Sunset Park because I just heard on the news that there is an escaped prisoner that was last seen in that area."  So I start freaking out.  Wtf?  There isn't even a jail around here!  OMG I better go get the kids! 

As I am drowning in my naivety, Patrick calls.  He had used this app we downloaded a million years ago called "Find My iPhone" to see where I was and wanted to freak me out.  I started laughing.  Well played hubbie.  Well played.  

Silk Harem Pants-eBay; Leopard Print Heels-Target; Black Blouse-Kohl's; Black Blazer-A List, gifted; Necklace-Wal-Mart; Earrings-gifted; Mirror Aviators-Target

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